Memeo Share  v.

Memeo Share is designed for families and friends needing to share their most valuable photos and videos to each other and not the whole world.

Memeo Connect  v.

Memeo Connect allows users to upload, sync, edit and share any document on Google Docs, even when you are offline.


Memeo AutoBackup  v.3.0.3251

Memeo AutoBackup 3.0 is a powerful yet easy to use backup application that allows you to preserve your files in various locations according to their value and purpose.

Memeo Instant Backup  v.

Memeo Instant Backup is a program that will make backup copies of your files.

Memeo Connect 2.1.0 R2461  v.2461

Memeo ConnectOao for Google Apps is a service that empowers Google Docs.

Memeo Share for Mac  v.3.0

Easily share summer moments with your family.

Memeo Send  v.1.0

Aimed at business professionals in small-to-medium size companies who frequently need to transfer large files to colleagues, Memeo Send offers an easily monitored alternative to other file-sharing means.

Memeo Backup Pro  v.

Minimize headaches in your organization's IT department with this simple and comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery system.

Memeo AutoSync  v.3.50.3831

This program enables you to synchronize between the folders on your computers, USB keychain drives, hard disks, network drives, and more.

Polkast  v.

Everyone is talking about cloud services. Instead of sending your content up to the cloud, Polkast brings the cloud to you. Polkast dynamically creates your own 'direct cloud,' letting your mobile devices access your PCs directly and securely.

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